Welcome to Fourth Grade!

From Left:  Mrs. Daughtry, Mrs. Mitchem, Mrs. Hatfield, Mrs. Maynard, Mrs. Allen


  • ReadingReading
    The Entire Reading Book is online!

    Under User Login
    Select State: Florida
    District: Wakulla County
    School: Crawfordville Elementary
    User Name: _____________ (students have their own username)
    Password: wmmddyear (w followed by student's birthdate)
  • MathMath
    The entire Math textbook is online! You can also have your child practice math skills we are working in class from the website. Accessing the Math Textbook.

    Click on the picture of Math textbook that will take you to where you login.
    USER NAME : _____________________ (students have their own username)
    PASSWORD: wmmddyear (w followed by student's birthdate)
    ACITVITIES are also available. Take some time to explore these opportunities and your child will be able to practice and review math skills they need.