School Advisory Council
The School Advisory Council members are elected to serve and include faculty and staff members, parent members, community and business members, and the principal. They are elected to serve annually. The School Advisory Council solicits information which will help us better our program at Crawfordville Elementary School. The information is used to generate goals and plan activities. Progress toward these goals is assessed and reported. Meetings are open to all students, teachers, parents, and community members. School Advisory plans are generated annually and presented to the community at the May PTO meeting. Copies of the School Board approved plan are available upon request at the beginning of each school year.

Crawfordville School has an active and talented group of volunteers who have earned the state Golden School Award each year, since its inception. Parents may volunteer on a regular basis or as resource persons.

Educating your child is a very important job. Part of your child's education takes place at school, but education is much more than the time your child spends in the classroom.

Parents are teachers at home. Because you are so important in the educational process, we want to promote a home-school relationship by requesting your assistance as a school volunteer. It has been our experience that parents who are interested in spending time with their children and support the educational efforts of the school have a positive influence on children's attitudes and their environment.

You can help our children in so many different ways. Teachers are trying to reach each child on his or her own level, and personalized assistance can make the difference that will spur each child to succeed. You can give that personal attention with one child, or with a small group of children. You may even be interested in becoming an official mentor through our Mentoring Program. No experience is necessary. Any interested person may become a volunteer.

Won't you be a part of our volunteer group and find out how you can help the children, the teachers, and yourself? Some examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Working with your child's classroom teacher
  • Fieldtrips with your child
  •  Working in kindergarten classrooms
  •  Working with special needs children
  •  Book Fair 
  •  Helping Cindy Burse in the Library
  •  Counting festival tickets/money 
  •  Spring Festival

Please fill out the form below and indicate what activities you are willing to help with.

Online Volunteer Registration Form

For further information please contact Paige Manning Paraprofessional and Volunteer Coordinator for details.